About us?


Our history

Casita Verde is an ecological center founded by Chris Dews in 1993, and located in a beautiful valley near the town of San José on the island of Ibiza. In January 1996, it became the official headquarters of a non-profit, non-governmental organization called the Ibiza Ecologic Association.

Chris performs his functions as president of 14 NGOs in the Balearic Islands, and also participates in the direction of a few more. He has been actively promoting the ecology of Ibiza beyond the confines of the eco-centre, organizing clean-up events on beaches and other natural areas, plus raising awareness of other ways to improve our impact on the planet, as well as constantly designing new projects to create positive change, both on the island and in the rest of the world.


The Green Heart is a symbol of our love and respect for planet Earth.


The Greenheart Guide

In 2004 Chris Dews, along with other leading members of the Greenheart Ibiza team, published a Spanish-English bilingual directory of local eco-friendly products and services called the ¨Greenheart Guide to Ibiza and Formentera¨.

This beautifully illustrated and highly practical pocket guide, printed on recycled paper and funded by the Fundación por el Futuro, was the first of its kind to be made available in Ibiza and on sale for a modest €5 per copy.


The guide was produced by a team of dedicated volunteers

They worked for 18 months, collecting and processing information, taking photos, and writing descriptions for more than 120 ecologic entities, which included local environmental organizations, as well as a wide range of local organic products, businesses, and services, such as health food stores and eco-farms, hotels and campsites, health centers, renewable energy providers, recycling services, second-hand markets, natural sports and recreational services.



Greenheart Guide Ibiza and Formentera

This very popular guide, which also contained some details of the island’s history and eco-travel information, was purchased in large numbers by the local government’s tourism department, mainly for use at tourism fairs in Europe, but was also available in many stores and hotels around the island.

Of the 8,000 copies printed in 2004, only a very few remain in the Casita Verde Ibiza ecological center, as an example of their initial invention.

The guide was later transformed into an online version, which was obviously more economically viable to keep up to date and which was eventually integrated into the Ibiza is Wellness website sponsored by local government funding from 2017 until 2019.

However, the sponsorship of the ‘Ibiza es Wellness’ website could not be maintained and eventually had to be abandoned.

GH Guide


Where do we want to go?

From the Ibiza Ecologic Association, we consider that the development of a free, bilingual Spanish-English web page/app is of vital importance in our community, to help us discover a greener and more sustainable island, plus facilitate the connection between citizens, organizations and companies, dedicated to increasing our commitment to the environment.