The “Ibiza Greenheart Guide” is a web page, in bilingual Spanish-English format, completely self-managed and integrated with Google Maps, and with a simple and intuitive approach that allows the user to select geographically and by proximity, the places, services, entities or activities that are friendly to the environment.

The guide is totally free to use and of vital importance in our community, to discover a greener and more sustainable island, as well as to facilitate the connection between citizens, organizations and companies involved, increasing our commitment to the protection of our natural environment.

The “Ibiza Greenheart Guide” contains 14 categories:

  1. Environmental organizations
  2. Living nature
  3. Natural sports
  4. Attractions to visit
  5. Sustainable accommodation
  6. Cooperatives and ecological farms
  7. Recycling and cleaning services
  8. Second-hand markets and shops
  9. Natural health
  10. Recreational spaces
  11. Local product markets
  12. Health food restaurants
  13. Ecological stores
  14. Environmentally friendly entities and services

Of course, we hire a hosting company that has ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certificates for data storage, housed in the greenest data center in Switzerland where 100% of its energy comes from renewable sources.

The Ibiza Ecologic Association team will be in charge of keeping the website updated. We would appreciate it if you inform us by email ( if you wish to make any changes to the written content, images, or add additional information.


We want to say a special thanks to the hotel Six Senses Ibiza, as well as to LUSH Natural Cosmetics for their economic support for our project. Their kind donations have enabled us to offer the “Ibiza Greenheart Guide” totally free for users of the guide, plus all those who wish to advertise their sustainable offers in this on-line publication.

We’d also like to thank Hjordis Fogelberg Jensen (MY IBIZA), for her beautifully illustrated map of Ibiza, to Bernard Moreno (MARROIAK STUDIO), for the original illustrations of the different categories, and to Marc Osmo (ECOMEDIA), for the creation of the colorful collage in the background of main search engine.